At All Interiors, Inc., safety is our #1 priority.
Our roots stem from "open" office and retail renovations where employee and consumer safety weigh heavily on the success of a project. We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment for all and have established a safety and wellness program.  We stress that education is key. We take full advantage of training, such as OSHA10, OSHA30, Lull and fork lift, Scizzor lifts, Laser, Hilti, Staging, etc., and keep records of those who have completed courses to provide clients with the very best trained workforce. We have recently been made aware of Silica Dust. We have taken all OSHA required measures and precautions along with meetings and presentations with staff on how to handle Silica Dust removal.  Our officers and project management staff are also tradesmen and participate in all safety courses and training, resulting in a workforce trained from top to bottom.

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